Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the love of cloth ;-)

about three months ago, we switched to cloth diapers and fell in love.... that started a chain reaction in the way we as a household view our "disposable" lives.

Have you ever thought about it? I know we hadn't until we switched, but practically everything we use is disposable, convenience based, the "easy" way.... but what all are we sacrificing?

we have also changed over to flannel family cloth wipes instead of using toilet paper. A decision which raised many eyebrows amongst our friends and family....

*Cheaper - we bought old flannel sheets from thrift stores to cut into squares, sewn together into "two-ply" cloth wipes
*Softer!!- especially using old flannel so it's already 'broken in'
*Cleaner- tiny crumbly bits of tp left in inconvenient places anyone? *ew*
*Easy use- so easy the 8 year old drama queen can do it!

oh and for what everyone thinks would be the worst part, I wash them every couple of days or so (as needed, when the dirty ones fill up the wet bag) and all I have to do is dump the contents of the bag into my washer. I never touch them until they are clean. So easy!! In fact, my husband has even been known to wash them :-)

We use kitchen towels instead of paper towels too, and are in the process of making mama cloth for menstrual use instead of paper maxi pads. I also use cloth nursing pads which I love alot more than the paper ones I had bought to start with, and they're alot more cost effective too!

no poo update

after a few more weeks, here's what I have discovered about the no poo transition...

vinegar makes my hair too oily, that's right I said oily! My hair was horrible when I used the bs & acv so I tried using the bs paste and then a lemon juice rinse instead, which seems to be having much better results for me.

Also, I cheated.

About a week ago I was in a rush to get ready and used my daughter's suave for kids shampoo (watermelon flavor). It worked really well and eliminated the grease ball I was still harboring on the back of my head lol since then I have been using the lemon juice instead of vinegar and I think that will be the solution for me.

But considering how oily my hair is naturally, it may be required to actually wash it with shampoo once in a while *sigh* even though I was really excited about the prospect of never having to buy shampoo again lol

Also, saw a snippet on another blog about washing without soap, which has me very intrigued so I'm researching that now too, we'll see how it goes

I no longer want to shave my head, but I am considering a hair cut because it's just so darn long!!