Saturday, June 18, 2011

no poo update

after a few more weeks, here's what I have discovered about the no poo transition...

vinegar makes my hair too oily, that's right I said oily! My hair was horrible when I used the bs & acv so I tried using the bs paste and then a lemon juice rinse instead, which seems to be having much better results for me.

Also, I cheated.

About a week ago I was in a rush to get ready and used my daughter's suave for kids shampoo (watermelon flavor). It worked really well and eliminated the grease ball I was still harboring on the back of my head lol since then I have been using the lemon juice instead of vinegar and I think that will be the solution for me.

But considering how oily my hair is naturally, it may be required to actually wash it with shampoo once in a while *sigh* even though I was really excited about the prospect of never having to buy shampoo again lol

Also, saw a snippet on another blog about washing without soap, which has me very intrigued so I'm researching that now too, we'll see how it goes

I no longer want to shave my head, but I am considering a hair cut because it's just so darn long!!

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